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Thank you for visiting LRGHealthcare. Our goal is to support your need for healthcare information and patient conditions. By following a few ground rules, together, we can meet your informational needs.

Should you require a patient condition, please follow these guidelines.

  1. Media representatives will contact the Emergency Department or patient floor directly for patient conditions.
  2. Nursing staff will try and accommodate the request using one of the General Patient Conditions listed below. The media representative must give nursing staff a name and then the only information, which will be given out, is a one word General Patient Condition.
  3. If nursing staff is unable to assist the media representative, they may refer the media representative to the LRGHealthcare Director of Public Relations and Marketing at (603) 737-1041 or pager:517-2894.

Definition of General Patient Conditions

Good: Vital signs are stable and within normal limits. Patient is conscious and comfortable. Indicators are excellent.

Fair: Vital signs may be unstable and not within normal limits. Patient is conscious but may be uncomfortable. Indicators are favorable.

Serious: Vital signs may be unstable and not with in normal limits. Patient is acutely ill. Indicators are unfavorable.

Critical: Vital signs are unstable and not within normal limits. Patient may be unconscious. Indicators are unfavorable.

Deceased: The death of a patient is presumed to be a matter of public record and may be reported by the hospital after the next of kin has been notified or after a reasonable time as passed.

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